Allergy advice in Bold

We use and store
Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soya milk, Strawberries
and sulphate in our kitchen

Please advise The Cake Box of any allergies on ordering. 
 The Cake Box cannot guarantee its cakes to be  100%  free of the following ingredients. As  we store and use all ingredients listed below on site, and our ingredients derive from other companies who use and store these ingredients also.
If in doubt or the allergy is severe please do not order with us, its not worth the risk.

The Cake Box will require a disclaimer form to be signed by customers on receiving their cake.  The form states the above and the customer signs to say they have understood the risks involved.

Madeira Sponge cake:
Wheat flour, Sugar Vegetable Oil containing rapeseed & palm, Whole Egg powder, Skimmed milk powder, Maize Starch, E471, E 541, E500, E726, E477, Salt, Full fat Soya flour, potassium sobate, glycerine.
Mixed Fruit Jam:
mixed fruit, gelling agent, pectin, liquid sugar, sulphur dioxide.
Most flavoured cakes contain all of the above except for the jam which the fillings vary. If in doubt, for allergy advice, please call or read all other ingredients below.

Fruit Cakes:
Raisins, sultanas, currants, plain flour, cake margarine, whole egg, cherrries, soft dark brown sugar, puree citrus peel, glucose, fructose syrup, ground almonds, mixed spice, caramel, rum glycerine, black treacle.
Apricot jam: As mixed fruit jam, but apricots instead of mixed fruit.
Marizpan: almonds, sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar, syrup, preservative E202

(walnuts) are used on some creamed cakes,
 Carrot cake, and nutty chocolate cake.
Peanuts are used on american classic sponge cake and american classic cupcakes

Gluten Free
Rice flour, sugar, thickerner modified potato starch, stabilisers, E464, hydroxypropyl,methylcelluiose, E466, sodium carboxymethlcelluuiose, E412 guar gum, E415 Xanthan gum, raising agents,E450, diphosphates, E500ii, sodium bicarbonate, Emulisifiers E475
Polyglcerol Esters of Fatty acids, E481 MB, Sodium Stearoyl lactylate, salt, modiified Maize starch, flavouring,  egg, vegetable oil.

Vegan cake
suitable for egg allergy
vegan cake mix, vegetable oil, glycerine and soya milk. cake is then filled with jam and dairy free butter cream.

Other ingredients used in some decorations and flavours are:
E260,E262, E413, E422, E551, Glycerol, propylene glycol. E417, E435.E407, E270, E325, E330 E202, Dried albumen, acicity regulator (calcium lactate, cream of tartar), dextrose, lactic acid, tartic acid stablizer, (guar gum). Mixed spice(cinnamon, coriander, caraway, fennel, clove, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric) , cream cheese powder, humectant sorbitol, syrup, citric acid, emulsifying salts(E339, E331), maltodextrins, E435, , fat reduced cocoa powder, E450,  Butter, Eggs, milk solids, sweet condensed milk,
soya lecithin,
Bananas, carrots, Lemons, lemon curd, almonds, Strawberries(strawberry jam in strawberry flavour cake),Raspberries, Coffee beans, Chocolate, white, dark and milk,
and various E numbers for colourings.
Please ask for more information if require

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