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Communion/Confirmation and Baby Shower Cakes
All orders online are collected from our store.  If you require delivery please call.
     square cake with baby    christening day  
  harriet    prima     pastal coloured toybox
  large blocks and ball  ben design  bunny & toys  christening bib and booties  
    chrsitening teddies baby & bottle ero design
  spotty parcel  bear and duck samuels design thomas & james michaels design
         choo choo cake
christening parcels  bear & block 2 tier    me to you   
      sweet nursery
   emilys bears and stars kara   elaina  
 bunnyblocks  firststeps  2 tier photo 2 tier christening butterflies
       Noahs arc  snowflake christening
    Communions and Confirmations.    
open book
celtic cross Fancy Cross Christening
christening font communion hearts angel cake
and Gender reveal
babybump bears in armchair
ghetto baby
  babys bum baby
            cupcakes with 6" cake ghetto baby    

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