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Terms & Conditions
All cakes and other products sold and made by The Cake Box, Maypole are subject to the following terms & conditions.

contract terms.
by ordering online, by phone, via email or in person you are entering in a contract of sale with The Cake Box. all terms and conditions apply to all orders.

Payment Terms.

To Confirm an order, a Non-Refundable
Deposit of 50% of the balance is required.  This will secure your requested date and cake order. If paid in full at time of ordering, 50% of the total cost is deemed the non-returnable deposit.
The Outstanding balance for Celebration Cakes is required on collection or before. For Wedding Cakes we require the Balance to be finalised one week before collection/delivery. Cancellation costs see below.
Alterations after placing the order that affect the cost will be adjusted accordingly on the balance.   All alterations must be completed outside of the ordering times. example:  a cake that requires 3 working days notice, alterations must be completed 3 days before collection. Wedding cakes requiring 6 weeks notice, alterations must be completed 6 weeks before collection.
Payments can be made by Credit/Debit card, Cash, Bank Transfers, PayPal or a Bankers Draft. PayPal also accepts all major credit/debit cards so if paying by card please proceed to PayPal and click "don't have a PayPal account" option. All you need to do then is enter your card details as normal.
We do not accept personal cheques.

Payments by phone.
   Deposits paid with credit/debit cards
50% of the total cost of the cake will be required on ordering, with the balance paid using the same card, in person on collection. This is to verify the first payment using the PIN . You use a card, you use the same card on collection, not another card, and not by phone...in person with the PIN.

   Deposits paid with PAY-PAL
At least 50% of the total cost of the cake is required on ordering.
Full payment is acceptable using PayPal. You will find the PayPal deposits at the bottom of the Ordering Page on this site. Please ensure that you select an amount that covers 50% of your cost. If payment is more than total cost , change will be given on collection/delivery

   Deposits paid with Bank Transfer
At least 50% of the total cost of the cake is required on ordering. Full payment is acceptable using
Bank Transfers. Our Bank details are available on request.


Cancellations & non collections
All deposits are non-refundable (although can sometimes be transferable)

Celebration Cakes (excl wedding cakes) under 150
Full payment of the balance is required if cancelled within two working days notice of collection/delivery of the cake.
Cancellation with two or more days the loss to the customer is the normal 50% non-returnable deposit . Any other monies paid will be refunded after the 50% non-returnable deposit is deducted.
Celebration cakes (excl wedding cakes) over 150
Full payment of the balance is required if cancelled within one week of collection/delivery of the cake
Cancellation with more than 7 days notice, the loss to the customer is the normal 50% non-returnable deposit, however Any other monies paid will be refunded at the discretion of The Cake Box in accordance to the amount of work already finished for the order.
Any monies due are only
receivable to the named signatory on the invoice/order form.

Wedding Cakes
Cancellations must be made in writing by registered post or email. On receipt of cancellation you will be sent confirmation and information on any amounts due at the cancellation date. These amounts must be paid within 7 working days of confirmation. ***Any unpaid balances will be pursued through the small claims court and customers will be responsible for cost and expenses incurred in this process.
Full payment of the balance of the total cost of the cake is required if cancelled within one calendar month of the wedding date.
50% of the total cost of the cake is required if cancelled with over one calendar month of more, any other monies paid after the 50% will be returnable.
Non Collections
Full balance of the cake is required on non collection. Any unpaid balances will be pursued through the small claims court if not paid within seven days. *****see above. The Cake will be stored for seven days and remains the property of The Cake Box until all balances are paid. After these seven days the cake will be discarded at the cost of the customer.
Any monies due are only
receivable to the named signatory on the invoice/order form.

Tasting and Consultation Appointments
Appointments for Tasting and Consultations for Wedding Orders are 25 for two people and 7 flavours included. Additional flavours charged for accordingly.    We can only accommodate 2 people for this service.
12.00 will be deducted from wedding orders over 150.00  The deduction of 12.00 cannot be used or offset with any other offer or promotion at the time of ordering.  
Seven days notice requested for bookings. Saturdays only.
We do offer sample amounts of your chosen 7 flavours to purchase and just collect at a cost of 20.00, without being seated to taste. (no amount is discounted on this service) 7 days notice required.

Our Tasting and consultation appointments are an additional service we provide for those couples who request it.
 Many of our customers are happy just to pop in, (samples are not always available) and discuss their requirements without an appointment.  Some customers prefer to choose a wedding cake by viewing our online selection, but we would always advise our customers to visit us, so every detail is discussed and nothing is left to chance.
Taster sessions are available for all other orders, @ 25 for two people. Please note the charge is non returnable/redeemable against orders less than 150

Our Flavours are:
Madeira cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate cake, Chocolate cake with choc fudge filling, Choc Chip cake, Double Choc Chip, Banana Cake, Carrot Cake, Coconut Cake, Pint Almond Cake, Lemon Cake, Coffee Cake, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Mint chocolate chip, Raspberry Ripple, Alcohol laced ,Light Fruit cake,  Rich Fruit Cake, coloured sponges, Peanut Butter, Strawberry,  Fresh Cream Cakes, Eggless sponge, Gluten free, and Vegan cakes.
Madeira cake requires 3 working days notice (sometimes more time is required if the design needs it)  all other flavours require 7 working days notice.
When cutting our cakes, please use a good sharp knife and wipe the blade clean after every cut, to ensure good slice is achieved. Our red velvet is a moist soft sponge and is best served with a fork or spoon.  Our Fresh cream celebration cakes are also designed to be eaten using a fork or sponge.
In case of allergies to ensure no cross contamination we advise our customers to  use a different clean knife for each tier if more than one flavour is available.
WE ADVISE ALL OUR CUSTOMERS TO "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY" as everyone has different taste buds and different views on how cakes should taste.  If you are unhappy with a flavour and you DID NOT TRY the ordered flavour before you ordered , this may forfeit any claim or dispute regarding your choice in flavour.


Please note cakes in sponge may not be completed until the day prior  to or the day of the celebration to ensure the cakes are as fresh as possible.

Delivery is within the midlands only. Fresh cream cakes and Cheesecakes are not available for home/venue delivery. 
2.00/mile up to 10 miles thereafter 3.50/mile
2.50/mile up to 10 miles thereafter 4.00/mile

no deliveries Sunday
City centre or areas where parking is difficult, may incur additional charges
a delivery time slot will be given with 48hrs notice
deliveries are made between 9-2pm.

If you require set up of your wedding cake
we can provide this service.
This is a chargeable service and priced according to what is required for your particular design.
prices start from 5.00
Information on Set Up
We provide a set up service for cakes. This includes safe delivery of your cake, giving you piece of mind. Delivery and set up can take up to 2hrs depending on your venue and the Design of your cake.
If the venue is not ready to receive your cake, we will wait up to 1hr at the venue, while the venue prepares the room. This service includes the setting up of your cake to the professional standard you would expect, ensuring the cake is situated on a surface that is level, flat and strong enough for you cake, in the correct position and the final adjustments made to your cake if required,  We will also make sure that the room is at a satisfactory temperature for your cake. All packaging will be left either under the cake table or with the venue staff. Balloons can also be delivered with your cake order at this time.  this service is priced accordingly.

 We do not hide delivery charges in our prices, this gives you the option of collecting your cake and keeping to your budget.  Please note that cakes/balloons cannot be left with a neighbour or re-delivered if no reply. The cake/balloons will be returned to our shop, the delivery charge will not be refunded, and you will have to arrange collection.
We do not deliver on Bank holidays or Sundays.
After the cake is Delivered, the safety of the cake is with the client/venue. The Cake Box will not be responsible for any damage, after the cake has been delivered and left in good condition. The Cake Box is not responsible for the location of the cake at the venue. please ensure that the location is stable, level and strong enough to hold your cake. Marquees can have bouncy floors, and some venues can get hot. please discuss any issues you think may effect your decision of design on ordering. All cakes are photographed from all angles to show quality of cake on delivery.

Hire of Stands and other items.
All items require a returnable deposit to be left. Most people leave credit/debit card details and pay the hire with the same card to verify the details.  Alternatively cash can be left as a returnable deposit.
No monies are taken unless item is late returning or not returned.
Stand hire is for 48hrs. Longer periods can be arranged and are charged for accordingly.

We genuinely care about every cake and work hard to try and ensure your expectations are met. If it is proven that the error has been made by The Cake Box, we will offer an amendment, a new cake or a discount (if the first two options are not available/doable.) This can only be offered if the error is brought to our attention within an hour of collection of your cake and if we deem it to be reasonable.
If you are not entirely satisfied with your cake during/after your event, please return at least 75% of the cake within 72hrs after collection or delivery to our Maypole Address. Keep your cake as one, if it is returned sliced, it will forfeit any claim, as we cannot test it in slices, keep it as one as much as possible. We will then investigate the complaint fully.
Any refund given for disputes regarding a cake design or production of a cake are completely at the discretion of The Cake Box and are not automatic. Refunds of any amount will never be given for any cake which has been consumed, regardless of dispute, as consumption of the cake is viewed as your acceptance that the cake is adequate for the purpose for which it has been supplied. If in doubt, don't eat the cake.
All cakes delivered are photographed from all angles to show cake quality on delivery. This in no way affects your statutory rights.

Collection of Cakes
If the cake is collected, the full responsibility of the safety of the cake is with the client and The Cake Box will not be responsible for any damage caused once it has left the premises. The Cake Box can fix damages at cost to the customer, if the customer/venue has damaged the cake.
Our advice is to hold the cakes underneath the box, not pressing in on the sides of the box in any way. If travelling in a car, place the box on a flat surface, ideally the boot of the car and put it as far forward, so if you brake sharply it won't slide forward. The car seats slant so we will never advise a customer to place a cake on the seats. A foot well area is an ok place to put your cake, but bear in mind that it may go in ...but can you get it back out? And if none of these are available then place it on a passengers lap.
Change of Date
It is the customers responsibility to order their cakes for the day they want to collect the cake on. Cakes are made for the day that has be requested on ordering.  All cakes are timed to perfection, if a customer wants to collect earlier, customers can request an earlier collection, but this may not always be possible.

As there are so many different colours, icings etc...rather than have a huge unreadable list of ingredients here, we ask that if you need to know any ingredients to call us, and we will be happy to either email you a copy or discuss the ingredients by phone or in person.
All cakes may contain traces of nuts as we use and store nuts on our premises.
All allergies must be notified of at time of ordering.
Please advise The Cake Box of any allergies on ordering.  The Cake Box cannot guarantee its cakes to be  100%  free of the following ingredients. As  we store and use all ingredients listed below on site, and our ingredients derive from other companies who use and store these ingredients also.
The Cake Box will require a disclaimer form to be signed by customers on receiving their cake.  The form states the above and the customer signs to say they have understood the risks involved.

Sugar paste (the soft icing covering the cake) is not designed to be refrigerated and as such, cakes with this icing should be stored in a cool dry place , preferably in the box they were supplied in. Refrigeration may cause colours to run and dry the cake out.
Our cakes are made fresh and have a best before date and a use by date. Our cakes can last up to six weeks if stored correctly but once cut, wrap with Clingfilm, or place in an airtight container. Never wrap with Tinfoil.
Fresh Cream cakes and cupcakes should be stored in a fridge and should be consumed within 2 days. Fruit cakes last up to 3 years if stored in an airtight container.
Fresh Fruit:  strawberries and other fruit do not last for days, and need to be eaten on day of purchase essentially. we always buy Fruit in with good best before dates, but cannot guarantee any fruit staying fresh after purchase due to travel and storage conditions maintained by the customer.

We require 3 Working days notice for plain Madeira cake, and 7 working days notice for all other flavours, (regardless if this is a change to an existing order).
All orders are checked back at time of ordering for spelling, colours, size and prices. The Date of collection/delivery is also checked. It is the customers responsibility to listen and inform The Cake Box if any details are incorrect. All phone orders are recorded for training purposes only.
All orders online are collected by the customer, delivery can be arranged at an additional cost. 3 working days notice is required for delivery. It is the customers responsibility to order the correct cake, portions and colour.
If dimensions of the cake have been given, it is the customers responsibility to ensure the size is satisfactory to them on ordering.  All sizes are agreed at time of ordering.

All orders taken in person are checked and signed by the customer to verify the details are correct and that the customer is aware of the terms and conditions.

a. The Cake Box cannot guarantee to match up the exact colours and designs you have chosen due to the fact that every cake is handmade individually for each customer.If you want the same cake we would advise you to order it with the person who made it originally.  Ribbon colours can alter slightly, colours may look different on photos/screen, a different cake decorators work may not match to another's.
b. The Cake Box reserves the right to suspend certain cake designs at any time, due to staff holidays. An alternative will always be recommended.
c.The Cake Box would like to stress that cakes and sugar models are not scale models but icing and cake. Exact copies can be arranged at an additional cost.
d. Cakes online and in store are examples only, The Cake Box will do their best to reproduce all designs as close to the ones shown as possible.
e. Customers own designs/ideas must be accompanied by a sketch/photo of their idea. Colour samples, photographs of items to copy, actual items to copy are to be produced on request to insure the customers idea/design is correct. The Cake Box will not be held responsible if the finished cake does not comply or resemble the customers idea, if the above designs/sketches have not be presented on ordering. The Cake Box cannot guarantee that The Cake Box's interpretation of the customers idea/request will be the same as The Customer is imagining. The Cake Box cannot perform mind reading. The Cake Box advises customers who have seen Cakes online from other companies, that unless this is stated on ordering, The Cake Box will not be aware the customer is expecting their cake to resemble another.
f. The Cake Box has thousands of designs to choose from and therefore advises customers to order a design that they have viewed.
g. Cakes found on the internet can only be reproduced if not copy-righted and The Cake Box has moral guidelines to follow when it comes to copying other peoples work. The Cake Box advises customers that prices for reproductions will be priced according to work and time.
Customers must appreciate that one cake decorators work will not be the same as another, and we will always try to improve the design whenever possible rather than doing a straight copy.
h.Reproductions/Designs that are not in The Cake Box's Portfolio.
When supplying The Cake Box with a picture of someone else's design The Cake Box cannot and will not  guarantee to match up the exact colours and designs you have chosen due to the fact that every cake is handmade individually for each customer.
If you want the same cake we would advise you to order it with the person who made it originally.  Ribbon colours can alter slightly, colours may look different on photos/screen, a different cake decorators work may not match to another's.

Customers Items left at own Risk
Items given to The Cake Box to copy or use are left at the customers own risk.
Bride & Grooms will not be attached to wedding cakes, as they tend to topple from cakes in transit. They are better to placed onto the cake at the venue.

Do not remove the labelling from your cake box. They contain important information on storage, allergy advice and safety advice. The Cake Box will not be liable for any issue arising from advice not be followed which is on the label.  Removal of the label will void any future claim/dispute.

Strong Food Colours
The Cake Box recommends that if you do not wish to have your mouth and tongue temporarily stained, not to order dark coloured cakes, (including edible details) such as dark blue. Dark Colours stain just as a sweet or ice lolly will do so.

Non-edible decorations.
Some cakes may contain non-edible decorations such as wires and diamantes to name but a few. It is yours and your caterer's responsibility to follow the label on your packaging and remove all these items before serving. 
All offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. All offers time periods are at the discretion of The Cake Box.
All terms & conditions on offers are to be followed, no exceptions. An offer cannot be backdated. Offers are only valid at that time.

Edible photos.
Customers can email, post or bring in photos to be scanned direct into the computer. Customers are advised that all photos left for scanning are left at their own risk .Memory Sticks, and disks and text pictures will not be accepted as these pose risks to our computer system and our privacy. The Cake Box will search for other images online, as The Cake Box, know which are the best to use, when it comes to ink saturation and pixel amounts.
Helium Balloon orders
Latex balloons float for approx 18hrs only from inflation. Hi-float can be added and extends the life of a latex balloon by 2 days approx. Hi-float is an additional cost. Latex balloons are identified as faulty at time of inflation. No refunds will be given if latex balloons are burst/lost on leaving our premises, and refunds for deflated/non-floating balloons will only be given if returned on the day of collecting. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to order Latex balloon for the correct day, the day the latex balloons will be used.
Foil balloons float for approx 7 days from inflation. Foil balloons can be identified as faulty a few minutes after inflating, and will be replaced immediately. The Cake Box inflates Foil balloons in advance to monitor all balloons for faults before collection. Foil Balloons do not burst but slowly go down if faulty on inflation. Faults will arise from being touched by anything remotely sharp.  This can happen on leaving our premises. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the balloon does not come to any harm once leaving the store.  Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can cause the valve to fail, so do store at room temperature. Refunds will only be given on Foil balloons if faulty in store.   No refunds will be given for balloons "lost from hand" once they have left the premises.
contact details of balloon manufacturers are available on request.

Damaged goods policy.
candles, Diy tools/ingredients and decorations etc
no refunds will be given for any goods that are damaged once they have left  the premises.

Our right to vary these Terms and Conditions.

We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time, that you place your order with us, unless we notify you of a change to these terms and conditions and you do not reject the changes within 7 days of their notification.

Law and Jurisdiction.
These Terms and Conditions will be governed by English law and any dispute arising from them shall be subject to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

The Cake Box has been established since 1995 and bears no relation to the company "eggfree cakebox"  It is the customers responsibility to place orders with the correct company. The Cake Box will not be held responsible for any matters arising from this confusion. The Cake Box was established first and produces Fresh High quality products, using over 30 flavours of sponge cake.